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Wisdom Bridge

The Wisdom Bridge is an expanse of knowledge and experience across a channel of change.

Shared experience yields the ability to discern while providing a strong framework for introspection, understanding and compassion. What emerges on the other side is an ever-broadening awareness of the way things work out over time, much like nature’s own rhythms and seasons. From this balanced perspective, decisions become the result of conscious choice and life unfolds by design rather than by default.

The Wisdom Bridge is also a resource center and virtual community whose mission is to support and enhance your life changes.  Whether you are newly married, or newly widowed; enjoying the career of your dreams or underemployed; an aging parent requiring care or caring for an aging parent; preparing your estate for your heirs or administering the estate of a deceased loved one; new to your community; new to your family; or new to your present life style; life changes are challenging.

Some of the resources you will find here on Wisdom Bridge include:

  • For Those I Love, an interactive program that guides you through your current estate and your future plans for it.
  • WITS End, the women’s social network where Women In Transition Speak, ask questions, and share their wisdom.
  • Wisdom Books are lists and reviews the latest in helpful media about life changes.
  • Wise Resources are the service providers in your community and on the Internet who help to facilitate life changes.

Welcome!  Please join us!